Our Mission

Gogreenpumice is your one-stop solution to ice melts on concrete and the damage caused by the same. Ours is an environment-conscious brand keen on providing quality solutions to concrete damage from ice melts that are not only harmful for the environment but also leads to a surge in accidents and other mishaps. This poses significant danger for your kids and pets as well. Our upcoming alternative ice melt mixture provides a solution to ice melts on concrete and has been successful in leaving out the negative side effects. All you have to do is sprinkle this blend of pumice and rock mix on any surface to gain instant traction. Be it in any climate conditions or geographic locations - Gogreenpumice is sure to come in handy whenever and wherever there is snowfall causing harm to your concrete.

 As a company that started out with selling concrete, our primary concern remains maintaining the quality and condition of the concrete. One of the main challenges to this is the extensive damage caused by the melting of ice on concrete during winter. Our innovative pumice and rock mixture is perfect for protecting concrete from the numerous adverse effects of ice melts. This pet-friendly, kids-safe, and eco-friendly mixture is designed with the idea of a sustainable future and protection of the environment in mind.

 The organic blend offers instant traction and added protection to the concrete, minimizing damage, accidents, and other mishaps that occur due to lack of traction in ice during the winter months. Our pumice blend offers the same level of concrete protection as any other while being much safer, both in terms of quality and environment protection. The blend provides strength and protection to concrete while doing away with the negatives like quality compromise or weakening of the concrete structure. Being usable on every type of surface - driveways, roadways, sidewalks, and trails, the Go Green Pumice mixture is a bold step towards a sustainable and environment-friendly future.