Go Green Pumice vs. Salt: Which Option Is Better for the Environment?

When it comes to choosing a deicing option, the environmental impact should be a top consideration. Go Green Pumice and Salt are common choices, but which one is better for the environment? In this article, we will provide a comprehensive analysis of the key factors impacting the environmental impact of Go Green Pumice and Salt. We will discuss the tradeoffs involved, explore the challenges associated with different approaches, and highlight the importance of considering the impact on the environment.

  1. Environmental Impact:

Go Green Pumice boasts a significant advantage when it comes to environmental impact. It is derived from sustainable volcanic rock, making it a natural and renewable option. Go Green Pumice is environmentally friendly, as it does not introduce harmful chemicals or residues into the environment. On the other hand, Salt, commonly used for deicing, poses challenges. The runoff from excessive salt usage can negatively impact soil, vegetation, and water bodies. It can harm plants, pollute water sources, and even affect wildlife.

  1. Effectiveness and Tradeoffs:

While Salt is known for its quick ice-melting properties, it can have unintended consequences. Its wide usage can lead to over-application, resulting in excessive salt runoff and contamination. Go Green Pumice, though slightly slower in melting ice, is effective and provides traction. With Go Green Pumice, there is less risk of over-application, reducing the potential environmental harm. However, using Go Green Pumice may require more material compared to Salt for complete coverage.

  1. Challenges and Considerations:

One of the challenges associated with Go Green Pumice is availability and accessibility. It may not be as widely available as Salt, which can easily be found in stores. However, considering the long-term environmental impact, investing in Go Green Pumice is a sustainable choice. Additionally, it is important to consider local regulations and restrictions on salt usage. Many regions have imposed restrictions on the amount of salt that can be used for deicing due to its environmental impact.


In the Go Green Pumice vs. Salt debate, the environment should be the top priority. While Salt may offer quick ice-melting properties, its environmental consequences are significant. Go Green Pumice, derived from sustainable sources, provides an environmentally-friendly alternative for deicing. With fewer negative impacts on soil, vegetation, and water sources, Go Green Pumice becomes the preferred choice for those concerned about the environment. Consider the tradeoffs, challenges, and long-term impact when making your decision.

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