Go Green Pumice vs. Calcium Chloride: Which Option Is Safer for Your Concrete?

When it comes to preserving the durability and safety of your concrete during winter, choosing the right deicing option is crucial. Two popular choices are Go Green Pumice and Calcium Chloride. Both options have their benefits and challenges, but which one is safer for your concrete? In this article, we will provide a comprehensive analysis of the key factors that impact the safety of your concrete when deciding between Go Green Pumice and Calcium Chloride. We will discuss the tradeoffs involved, explore the challenges associated with each option, and emphasize the importance of considering the impact on your concrete.

  1. Safety for Concrete:

The primary concern when selecting a deicer for concrete is its impact on the material's integrity. Go Green Pumice, being an all-natural volcanic rock, is gentle on concrete surfaces. Its micro-textured structure provides effective traction without causing damage or weakening the concrete structure. On the other hand, Calcium Chloride, although highly effective at melting ice, can be corrosive to concrete over time. The chemical reaction with moisture in the air can lead to the formation of calcium hydroxide, which can cause spalling and deteriorate the concrete surface.

  1. Environmental Impact:

Another important factor to consider is the environmental impact of the deicing options. Go Green Pumice is an all-natural and sustainable solution that does not introduce harmful chemicals or residues into the surroundings. It mitigates the risk of contamination of nearby vegetation or water bodies. Calcium Chloride, while widely used, can have negative environmental consequences if not properly managed. Its runoff can harm plants, affect aquatic life, and contribute to water pollution.

  1. Effectiveness and Cost:

When it comes to effectiveness, both Go Green Pumice and Calcium Chloride have their strengths. Go Green Pumice provides excellent traction on slippery surfaces, reducing the risk of slips and falls. It is effective at melting ice and snow, but it may require more material for complete coverage. Calcium Chloride is known for its powerful ice-melting capabilities and requires a smaller quantity to achieve the same results. However, Calcium Chloride can be more expensive upfront, especially in large-scale applications.

  1. Tradeoffs and Challenges:

Choosing between Go Green Pumice and Calcium Chloride involves tradeoffs. While Go Green Pumice is safer for concrete and the environment, it may require more material and involve a higher upfront cost. Calcium Chloride, while effective at melting ice quickly, can cause long-term damage to concrete and have potential environmental consequences. Balancing these factors requires considering the specific needs of your concrete surfaces, the scale of deicing required, and your commitment to sustainability.


When deciding between Go Green Pumice and Calcium Chloride for deicing your concrete, safety should be the top priority. Go Green Pumice offers a safer, environmentally-friendly alternative, reducing the risk of concrete deterioration while being sustainable. Carefully consider the tradeoffs, challenges, and the impact on your concrete and the environment. Invest in Go Green Pumice for a safer and more sustainable approach to protect your concrete surfaces.

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